Private Education In Costa Rica –
Experiential, Eco-Based, Flexible & Immersive

“May the seeds that you plant today, be the flowers that bloom tomorrow”

HomeSchool Beach Nosara (HSBN) is much more than just a homeschool. It is a top choice for private education in Nosara, Costa Rica, offering a bilingual experiential and eco-based educational program for families with children ages 8 to 14. Whether they live here for a semester, a year, or indefinitely our family of diverse learners come from all over the world. My belief is that not all children fit in a box and moreover that individuals learn best when it can be connected to the real world through hands on experiences. At HSBN learning comes alive through carefully and well-researched courses from different homeschool curriculums in addition to teacher created projects that are meaningful and challenging, including community give back projects. The curriculum is designed around children’s interests and the real world, combining project based learning with the traditional approach to teach the concepts and skills. We strive to develop compassionate, curious, courageous and critical thinkers and leaders. We guide them in the exploration and discovery of  their passions, strengths and challenges. What is more, students receive the tools to help them succeed in the 21st century allowing them to be successful wherever their learning venture leads them. Each child is supported and challenged emotionally, physically, psychologically and academically in a safe small group environment of no more than 10 children. Please read below to learn more about this unique and memorable learning opportunity.

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Hearts. – Not Just Classmates But A Family

The small class size of no more than 10 kids provides a safe and nurturing environment. This is not offered at many other schools in Nosara. Students of all different backgrounds and ages work together and support one another. Children feel safe and develop a self-confidence; a willingness to take risks in his or her own learning. This small group environment is ideal for every child to shine and develop! Friendships are created with every child and a family bond is formed.

Empathy, love, and compassion for oneself, one another and nature is embedded in environmental eco-based projects throughout the year.

schools in nosara costa rica | private education in costa rica

Project Based Learning & Enrichment

Raising chickens in Nosara Costa Rica_Eco-based Education

Minds. – A Challenging, Immersive Environment Learning Both Academics & Life Skills

I am committed to challenging each student academically so that they develop the tools necessary to be happy and successful. Academic real-world lessons and projects are designed specifically to activate creative critical thinking and to problem solve independently and with others. Children are encouraged to question, investigate, experiment, create and teach others, resulting in life long learners and teachers. 

Students are exposed to a variety of topics and they are supported to discover their own passions, interests, and strengths utilizing 21st-century skills in our bilingual and Spanish programs.

Their minds are also challenged to learn life skills to be prepared for the real world. Throughout the year, students develop their own personal and academic goals and reflect by learning how to achieve them through success and failures. Moreover, they learn how to work with others to accomplish a common goal.

Planet.- Learning Our Impact On The World & How We Can Help To Make It Better

Children learn about the events occurring around the world and within their local community. Topics concerning our planet are woven throughout the units. They become aware of their choices and impact on the world and create change. Their voices become heard as they educate others in this eco-based education.

They are responsible members of the community who are committed to protecting our planet and all of its inhabitants. Each year they are directly involved by identifying an issue, creating a plan to help and carrying it out improving our community and our planet. 

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi

Our Students Are…Citizens and Leaders, Real World Critical Thinkers and Doers, and Enjoy Personalized Learning