Connecting & Supporting Homeschool Families

With Flexible & Immersive Programs for children ages 8 to 13 years old.

Live and Learn

HomeSchool Beach Nosara (HSBN) brings together children ages 8 to 13 years to support and extend their personalized learning experience and ability. Whether they live here for a month, a semester, or a year our family of diverse and like minded learners come from all over the world. At HSBN children receive the social aspect of a small group learning environment of no more than 8 students, where they receive guidance, support and motivation. The programs provide a meaningful, cultural, social and academic experience to blossom children’s interest, confidence and ability through their independent studies and our community give back projects. Students become ambassadors and collaborate with local organizations to make a difference.


A Challenging & Immersive Environment Learning Both Academics & Life Skills

Each child that enters the classroom is supported academically, emotionally and socially. In a small group environment, children have the opportunity to be ongoing active participants and they are encouraged to take risks throughout support and guidance. Their confidence is lifted as they gain the tools, skills and knowledge to be independent, critical real world thinkers and doers in the local community.

Their minds are also challenged to learn life skills to be prepared for the real world. Throughout the programs, students develop their own personal and academic goals and reflect by learning how to achieve them through successes and failures. What is more, they learn from one another through sharing and discussion as teammates and leaders.

Special Enrichment & Immersive Programs

Book a unique program. Spots are limited to 8 students a course in a safe environment.

Spanish Immersive Program

Children are immersed in the Spanish language, culture, history and traditions. They become student ambassadors educating themselves and others all while learning Spanish.

Homeschool Program

This small group learning is powerful for homeschool children to come together and socialize, share, inspire and challenge one another in a supportive and tranquil environment.

What Our Parents Say

We love to hear from parents about their experiences at Home School Beach Nosara. Get in touch and share your child’s experience in our special enrichment programs. Click below to view.


Learning Our Impact On The World & How We Can Help To Make It Better by Acting Locally

Learning is acquired when it becomes meaningful and purposeful. Children become ambassadors as they discover, connect and apply their learnings through student created community give back projects. The emphasis is on protecting our planet and all of its inhabitants to create a more promising future.

Students also develop friendships along with others and HSBN is a connecting point where parents also have the opportunity to meet other like minded families.

2022 Programs and Events

At HomeSchool Beach Nosara we provide for homeschool families from November through July. Please note there is a minimum one one month requirement to enroll in any course.


Not Just Classmates But a Family

The small class size of no more than 8 kids provides a safe and nurturing environment. Students of all different backgrounds and ages work together and support one another as they make new discoveries becoming compassionate citizens interconnected with themselves, others and the planet. Friendships are created with every child and a family bond is formed.

Our Classroom

Safety and Security

Please note that we do ask for the following for the health of all of our children, teacher and families:

  • Upon arrival sanitation of hands
  • Children and teachers are asked to stay home from class if experiencing COVID symptoms and to communicate
  • In align with Costa Rican COVID health protocols
  • Kindly respect all of the above
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin