Offering New HomeSchool Services

HomeSchool Beach Nosara has been a unique educational option for both short term and long term families and we continue to grow and adapt to the needs of our families; new and returning. We understand how intimidating, time consuming and challenging it can be for a parent to take on the role of teacher, facilitator and mom or dad. In addition, after years of research and homeschooling, we have found that there is not a single curriculum that is strong all around nor fits every child. And trying to find the right curriculum and style of program is right for your child can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to support you and your child. Our curriculum is designed around children’s interests and integrates a variety of homeschooling styles including: the Charlotte Mason Method, Unit Studies and unschooling to support the development of well-rounded, curious, independent and self-motivated learners.

In addition, we are offering more services for the upcoming year that are personally tailored for families looking for support in any or all of the following: academic support and facilitating, designing student schedules for individual courses (to complete courses on time), creating homeschool curriculum to fit the child’s and parents’ needs, and/or developing courses based on academic requirements and personal interests of the child. This option allows the parent(s) and us to work together to design a program unique and fitting to each individual’s learning experience and for the child to receive support from experienced and dedicated teachers. What is more, your child has the opportunity to still learn side by side with others in a nurturing and student centered environment with hands on real world projects to enrich their learning experience.

AND our program is becoming even more flexible! This allows children to attend certain days and times, as long as spots are available on a monthly basis. It also provides families the opportunity to travel; the best form of learning. A beautiful option, as mentioned above in the new services, is that we can design motivational and fun projects and/or courses around your place(s) of travel to enrich a child’s experience and knowledge. One might also be asking, “What would my child’s learning look like when we are traveling or away?” With the new options of charting out curriculum planning, scheduling, and courses being student directed/easy to follow, children will be able to complete their lessons independently. The parent’s role would be to check that lessons have been completed daily or weekly using a quick and easy to follow system and providing time and space for their child to work.

Our student driven academic program teaches and reinforces independent skills, problem solving and creative critical thinking to be a self learner. We give the students the tools to be successful in responsibility, organization of materials and time, prioritizing, collaborating with peers, personal assessment and reflection. As a result, each child has a truly positive and rewarding learning experience. We believe that homeschooling can be an amazing educational option, especially for families visiting and living here. Our hope is to be able to support more families and children through these new services and flexible options.

Please contact us for more information. Spots are currently limited to 10 students and they are on a first come/commitment basis. Join our family of homeschoolers in Nosara, Costa Rica where discoveries are endless!

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