• US $50 application fee must be paid first in order to begin the application process
  • Completed Application for Admission (download here)
  • Transcripts from the last 2 years (not applicable to pre-k or kinder)
  • Letters of recommendation (2): behavioral/social and academic
  • Parent and student interview (may be waived for international applicants)
  • Copy of applicant’s main passport page and birth certificate
  • Copy of vaccination record (required by Costa Rican law)
  • Results of standardized or special testing, if requested and applicable
  • Final step (once the child has been accepted based on all items stated above) matriculation fee.

For students arriving from outside Costa Rica who wish to continue their studies for more than 1 year, it is required that grades from the previous two years be recognized by the Costa Rican Ministry of Educaton. Transcripts from other countries must be authenticated by the Secretary of State nearest to the applicant’s school in the U.S., processed by the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Costa Rica, and presented to the Costa Rica Ministry of Education.


Early registration for returning families ends June 16. For all new families we will hold open registration beginning June 17. Apply early to ensure a spot for your child.


Matriculation Fee

Single annual fee that covers the use of books, materials, campus maintenance and improvements. This fee secures a spot for your child for the upcoming school year.

Pre-k/K: 225,000       1st-5th: 250,000        7th – 12th: 300,000

Application Fee

A one-time, non-refundable enrollment and application fee of US $50 is required for all new students.

Monthly Tuition

Tuition is due on the first day of each month. All prices below are listed in colones.


10 months

6 – 9 months

3 – 5 months

Pre-K/K: half day

Prek/k: Full day





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1st – 5th




6th – 12th




U.S. Official Diploma and Transcripts Fee

Optional for families who want an official U.S. diploma/transcripts (please note our program is not accredited by M.E.P.). The diploma provides official accreditation for the grade level completed by your child, which our program by itself does not provide. This $500 non-refundable payment goes directly to ALC/IHS who will provide you with the  diploma and/or transcripts.


Pre-payment discount: a 5% discount will be applied when payment for full-year tuition is made prior to the first day of classes.

Family discount: these discounts apply to families who have three or more children enrolled in the same academic year

  • 3rd child: 10% discount
  • 4th child: 15% discount
  • 5th child: 20% discount


Late fees: payments are due on the first of each months. Late payments will be subject to additional late charges as follows

  • 6th  – 10th day of each month: 10% late fee
  • 11th – 20th day of each month: 20% late fee

If payment is not received by the 21st of each month, children will be suspended from attending HSBAcademy and all academic transcripts and grades will be withheld until all payments and late fees are received.