“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” – Garrison Keillor

Celebrating the Love for Reading

Book Club is a fantastic pathway encouraging young readers to explore the joy of books in a small and nurturing environment where each child feels safe to share and express one self. It is a place that provides the opportunity for children to come together and to share or discover their love for reading building relationships with other kids in the community.

Challenge and Deeper Connections

Children dive into a book and share their discoveries and questions opening up wonderful dialogue. Each book has a theme and a reading focus to develop and strengthen your child’s reading, vocabulary and writing abilities through creative and fun yet challenging activities. When a child has a deeper understanding and connection to the characters, events, and/or settings they have higher comprehension and when they can contribute their ideas, questions and own conclusions they gain a greater enjoyment and purpose for reading. Each child is challenged and encouraged to grow as readers and learners that can also spread into other areas of their learning.


Young readers, with a 3rd-5th reading level, will dive into the adventure’s of Nim- a modern-day Robinson Crusoe! Children will have fun making connections between the setting’s tropical island to our own natural paradise of Nosara, learning survival skills and exploring our local natural plants and animals.

Engaging and challenging activities will be focused around character analysis to build your child’s reading comprehension through discussion, writing and creativity.

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