Connecting homeschooling families since 2016

Home School Beach Nosara is dedicated to providing meaningful experiences for your children and providing the support and guidance for their personal learning adventure in a small group. The teacher is present to support your child on staying on course for completing his or her own curriculum provided by the parent. She is also there to answer any questions, provide resources and to motivate. Children are taught the skills and strategies to be self driven learners with the proper tools to succeed such as organizational skills, scheduling, and goal setting. If your child needs one on one support then tutoring outside of this program can be discussed.

This small group learning is powerful for homeschool children to come together and socialize, share, inspire and challenge one another in a safe and relaxed environment. Outside student led projects can be designed with the guidance of the teacher to connect it to the real world, creating purpose and drive. What is more, the teacher can suggest field trips and other community projects or programs for the child to participate in to enrich his or her learning. Inside the classroom, students have the opportunity to show off their learnings, inspire others, and to teach others. It is a place where their thoughts, curiosities, and questions can blossom through the emotional, academic and social support.