HSBAcademy Nosara became a private satellite school of Alger Learning Center (ALC) and Independence High School (IHS) in February, 2011. ALC/IHS, established in 1981, is a Washington state- and nationally-accredited K-12 private school, and oversees and validates HSBAcademy’s coursework and credits for students who will continue studies outside of Costa Rica. These students can request a U.S. diploma for grades K-8 or an official transcript for grades 9-12 (additional fee under the admissions tab).

Students of in 7th-11th (of at least 14 years of age) who seek validation of their coursework in Costa Rica may complete their studies of the Third Cycle and Bachelor with us. Please Contact Us for more information.

HSBAcademy’s academic program satisfies U.S. and Costa Rican standards. English textbooks are from top U.S. publishers, including Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt, and Pearson. Spanish is taught using Santillana and Eduvision (grades K – 6th) and Educcacion Abierta books (7th – 11th), which are the texts that prepare the students for the M.E.P. (Costa Rican Ministry of Education) exams.

In addition, teachers use superior supplemental materials to enrich their curriculum and achieve extremely high academic benchmarks.