Mission + Philosophy


To nurture a joy for learning, encourage self discovery, and inspire each child to achieve his or her goals.


HomeSchool Beach Nosara was opened with the vision of providing a meaningful learning environment that is hands on, high-quality, bilingual, small group, flexible, unique and creative for children who are homeschooled from around the world and Nosara.

My belief is in the power of experience to create a deep understanding. I believe that if I teach children to learn by creating curiosity, I can help create a life-long love of learning, a sense of wonder, and a future of infinite possibility. I believe that creativity is as important in education as literacy. I believe that by celebrating diversity we become a more connected world. And finally, I believe in taking responsibility for our actions, for each other, and for the health of our planet.


  • To impart the skills, habits and attitudes your child needs to succeed in school and in life
  • To create lessons based around your child’s homeschool curriculum and the whole child
  • To provide a high-quality, flexible, bilingual experience that is accessible to a diverse community of students
  • To establish individualized objectives for each student that ensure academic, social, emotional and physical growth
  • To help students discover their unique talents, appreciate their own strengths, and form strong relationships with teachers, friends, and family
  • To create a safe learning environment that encourages risk taking and fosters resilience
  • To promote a life-long love of learning through joyful, relevant and engaging opportunities and experiences
  • To create critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators
  • To inspire children with the desire and empower them with the confidence to change the world for the better