What Our Parents Say

Are you looking for a unique & rewarding experience in costa rica to enhance your child’s home school experience? Take a look at what some of our happy parents are saying…

“At HomeSchool Beach Nosara, the well-being of each and every child that walks through our doors is cared for. The small class size creates a sense of family. We look forward to picking up our daughter because of her excitement to share with us her day’s learning and experiences.”

“I would like to say that I would highly recommend HomeSchool Beach Nosara to any interested family due to the way it is run. The teacher’s never ending energy and attention to detail amazed me. She is deeply involved with each and every student and cares about them and their family.” 

“We were so happy to have found HSBN. It is an amazing educational option in the Nosara area  for homeschool families which should not be overlooked. Our two children were not only thoroughly happy, they also received a first rate experience filled with rich learning. The small class size is one of it’s greatest strengths and really made all the difference for us, as we saw our children get the right amount of guidance and attention. HSBN Nosara has found the unique balance of a warm supportive environment coupled with an emphasis on academics. A true gem.”

“We are so grateful for HomeSchool Beach Nosara (HSBN). We have seen remarkable growth in all areas in both of our children and we are impressed with the projects they create and the pride that they take in sharing their work with us. HSBN has been a gift to our family.”

“We enrolled our three children with Paige over the summer months on a full-time basis. Paige and her staff exceed all our expectations. The children learned more in two months than an entire year in Canada. We are very thankful for finding HSBN in Nosara, Costa Rica.”

“I cannot believe the time flew by so quickly. It has all been so great. I loved the opportunity to observe my children from a distance and see them engaged and smiling. Their notebooks were filled with interesting material. Their personal abilities were assessed, their strengths and weakness taken into consideration. This experience was a great gift for our family in a short period of time.  It enhanced our experience in Nosara.”

“Our family found ourselves between a rock and a hard place when our 14 yr old daughter was in transition entering into her 8th grade year: she was bullied at her current private school and did not want to go back. As it turned out, this was the “best school year” of her life! She formed beautiful relationships with a unique “village” of children and truly felt as though she matters. Paige is incredibly talented at meeting the children where they need to be met without the stress that seems over-bearing in most educational systems. She values meaningful work and incorporates community and service work into the projects and courses. Paige was able to give my daughter the one-on-one attention that she needed to strengthen the subjects she was struggling in, stimulate new passions and heal trauma’s from the past. We are so grateful to Paige and would highly recommend her to everyone!”

“Our daughter has been in the part-time Spanish immersion program for a few months and her Spanish has skyrocketed way past what we expected! We are thrilled with her progress. It is such a fun and unique learning experience!”

Few places can provide the kind of immersive and rewarding education in Costa Rica that Homeschool Beach Nosara can.

“It has been wonderful for our daughter. She made some great friends there and loved her teacher. When she enrolled in March she had very limited Spanish language skills and was afraid to use what little she had. Six months later she was conversing confidently with everyone and is happy to be able to use her Spanish whenever she can.”

“My daughter recently did a creative writing course with Paige and loved it! Paige is great at motivating the kids to learn and to enjoy it!”

“Our experience with HomeSchool Beach Nosara was wonderful. We live in the U.S. and came to Nosara for 4 months. My son said he learned more in 4 months than all year back home. I think both my children excelled. My daughter now is at a much higher reading level than other children in her class. The care, organization and commitment to nurturing our children’s growth was apparent and even exceptional in some areas. The field trips, knowledge and focus on the local environment was a high point for me.” 

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