Spanish Immersion Program

HomeSchool Beach Nosara offers total immersion Spanish language lessons on a 1 month minimum enrollment for visiting and year round children ages 8 to 14 years old. Children are immersed in the Spanish language, culture, history and traditions. The highlight of the program is the ambassador project, where students develop their Spanish and confidence in real world experiences directly working with local organizations to protect and help our local wildlife and nature. They also receive instruction and lessons at their individual level for support and to increase the rate of language learning.  

Cultural lessons are weaved throughout the program enriching the learning of a foreign language. Through legends, traditions, holidays, history, cooking, and much more children advance their Spanish through culture in a meaningful and motivational way. Culture also teaches children how to communicate within the local community to truly become proficient in Spanish while gaining an appreciation of where they live.

“It has been wonderful for our daughter. She made some great friends there and loved her teacher. When she enrolled in March she had very limited Spanish language skills and was afraid to use what little she had. Six months later she was conversing confidently with everyone and is happy to be able to use her Spanish whenever she can. We are eternally grateful for HomeSchool Beach Nosara for making our daughter’s experience living in Costa Rica.” – Parent of a fourth grader


  • Ambassador program: participate in field trips and community give back projects developed, planned and executed by them
  • Students are immersed in the language and culture
  • Children build new friendships and learn side by side with others
  • Emphasis is on conversational Spanish and vocabulary development through meaningful and fun activities
  • Small class sizes with no more than 8 students to 1 teacher to promote a safe learning environment, self confidence and the opportunity to practice, practice, practice.
2022-2023 Now Open

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At HomeSchool Beach Nosara we provide for homeschool families from November through August. Please note there is a requirement of a minimum of one month to enroll in any course.