A Trip to the Tide Pools

Written By: Ryder, Sixth Grader “Don’t wear your flippers in the tide pools,” my teacher shouted. “It kicks up all the sand so we can’t see any of the sea creatures.” Looking down into the sand with my mask I saw little nudibranchs crawling around in the water. My classmate, Ayla, jumped into the tideContinue reading “A Trip to the Tide Pools”

Cave Adventuring

Written By: Ayla, Grade 6 In the early morning I lathered thick sunscreen onto my skin. Then I filled up a big blue water bottle with freezing cold ice water because it was a hot and sunny morning. I packed a snack and drove to school with my dad. When we got to school everyoneContinue reading “Cave Adventuring”

Infusing Fresh Ideas

Now that the garden is beginning to produce delicious and healthy greens, the students of Home School Nosara are working hard in developing their business in our Spanish Program. Together they are putting their creative minds in action and experimented with their first herbal infused water recipes. They began with sampling the taste, texture andContinue reading “Infusing Fresh Ideas”

Our First Harvest

Our new year has greeted us with our first produce ready to be picked! The organic arugula (donated to us from Finca Organica), planted by seed and tended to by the children, has sprouted enough leaves to harvest. Learning from our local gardener, we were able to pluck clippings. In math, students put them intoContinue reading “Our First Harvest”

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Holiday fundraiser to purchase gifts for children who lost everything in last month’s floods.