Infusing Fresh Ideas

Now that the garden is beginning to produce delicious and healthy greens, the students of Home School Nosara are working hard in developing their business in our Spanish Program. Together they are putting their creative minds in action and experimented with their first herbal infused water recipes. They began with sampling the taste, texture and smell of our Vive Verde Garden’s different herbs and playing with their own recipes. After setting them out in Costa Rica’s natural energy source to blend the flavors they had a blast test tasting each other’s concoctions in class. Suggestions were shared in evaluating the first trial and the kids are excited to bottle their first refreshing blend of ideas and herbs.

Upcoming Projects…

This week they will research the health benefits of the different herbs to invite the interest of future customers along with the help of a local graphic artist, who will be coming in to help the kids develop their final logo crafted from their sketches. And in the meantime, students will continue to produce new ideas for our business venture to sell in our community to maintain and grow our sustainable and organic garden.

– “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller



Our First Harvest

Our new year has greeted us with our first produce ready to be picked! The organic arugula (donated to us from Finca Organica), planted by seed and tended to by the children, has sprouted enough leaves to harvest. Learning from our local gardener, we were able to pluck clippings. In math, students put them into bundles by weight and calculated the income from sales if we sell them all. With the money, students will decide together where to invest the money into our garden.

Did I also mention it’s delicious! The kids needed to sample their product (of course) before selling and their taste buds spiced up to the idea of liking the arugula with their brains reasoning it with the care, time and hard work they put into growing it.




Planting Their Roots & Sprouting New Ideas

Planting Their Roots…

Children started the new school year hands first into their new business venture “Viva Verde” in Spanish class. They created this name to symbolize their organic garden that they have been busy getting dirty in. After planning what they want to grow this year, they have created a new composting system and soil, germinated seeds, transplanted successful seedlings and even set up their first pop up shop on site to gain proceeds from last year’s produce in order to invest in this year’s crops.

Recently inspired by their visit to Finca Organica Nosara, they not only learned how to germinate seeds from locals but they soaked in the passion, hard work and care that they saw during their tour.

Sprouting New Ideas…

As our new seedlings begin to sprout, so do their ideas. Continuing on their learning adventure, students will develop their organic garden mission, logo, cliental and approach to advertising and selling. Furthermore, they will think up and develop products to make with their harvests to sell. They are hopeful to have enough produce in the coming months to sell at our local Farmer’s Market.

Learning with Purpose…

Students are continually being challenged academically. They are accountants and business owners responsible for keeping track of profits and costs, mentally calculating costs of sales to customers and providing correct change and converting dollars into colones. Critical thinking skills are required to develop a product together that will yield profits and prioritize where to spend it.

Ideas are popping up all around!