High School Program

HSBAcademy’s bilingual high school program for grades 7 – 12 emphasizes the responsibility of the student for his or her success inside and outside the classroom. Students conduct research and participate in project-based learning that emphasizes real-world application of concepts. Technology and arts are integrated into all subjects in a college-preparatory format.

Small group learning allows students to learn while developing interpersonal skills such as working effectively as a team. Students are also taught study skills and test-taking strategies to prepare them for annual M.E.P. exams through our Educcacion Abierta program to receive Costa Rican accreditation. Students also have the option of purchasing U.S. official nationally recognized transcripts. The school assists the parent and child to register and prepare for these exams.

Core Curriculum

English Courses Spanish Courses
Math Spanish
Science Social Studies
Language Arts Civics
Art/Music/PE Ceramics

Extracurricular Activities and Programs

Classes: computer, art, music, physical education (surfing and boxing)

Surf Club: held each Friday afternoon for students and families at Playa Guiones. Students are offered surf lessons taught by a member of the Costa Rican surf team.

Community Events: students participate in Nosara’s Festival of Lights, Sustainability Fair, Family Fun Day at Guiones Beach, Stop the Shocks Monkey Race Fundraiser, and many others, with an emphasis on fun and community giving.

Field Trips: students go  on frequent field trips to many local destinations, including the public library, veterinary practices, wildlife refuges, Lagarta Lodge Nature area, caves, snorkeling local beaches, farms, local sugar plantation, and many more