Pre-K – 6th Program

HSBAcademy’s bilingual elementary school program covers the 5 core subjects – math, science, language arts, and social studies. Students learn through exploring and applying concepts im meaningful lessons and projects, and are provided opportunities to express their learnings in a variety of mediums. Character development is also part of our core teaching, with lessons each month on a specific core value that is taught and celebrated both inside and outside the classroom.

All lessons connect sequentially from each preceding grade to prepare students for high school and as life long learners.

Core Curriculum

English Courses Spanish Courses
Math Spanish
Science Social Studies
Language Arts Language Arts
Art/Music Math

Extracurricular Activities and Programs

Classes: yoga, art, music, cooking, physical education, surfing

Surf Club: held each Friday afternoon for children and families at Playa Guiones. Children are offered surf lessons taught by a member of the Costa Rican surf team.

Community Events: students participate in Nosara’s Festival of Lights, Sustainability Fair, Family Fun Day at Guiones Beach, and many others, with an emphasis on fun and community giving

Field Trips: students go  on frequent field trips to many local destinations, including the public library, veterinary practices, wildlife refuges, and Lagarta Lodge Nature area