Semester Abroad Earn High School Credits

All-inclusive Boarding School and Spanish Language Immersion

​HSBAcademy Nosara’s Semester Abroad program is for high school students who want to immerse themselves in the Costa Rican culture while earning official U.S. high school credits.  Participants will be fully integrated into our experientially-based curriculum, learning alongside our full-time high school students from the local region and around the world.



Full-time Semester Abroad Cost:         US$12,000

Emergency and damage deposit:        US$500

Spending money account:                    US$1,000

This includes:

  • Room and board with a local family, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and maximize your time learning Spanish.
  • All meals
  • Consumable workbooks; on-loan textbooks
  • Art supplies, school activities, school mandated trips, field trips, and regular program school-wide activities
  • Transportation to and from school, and to all field trips

Not included in Tuition, Room and Board: Additional snacks or drinks consumed in between meals, school and PE uniforms, emergency medical costs, outpatient services, long-distance telephone calls and fax transmissions, transfer costs to and from alternate ports of entry and departure from Costa Rica, visa and travel documentation, emergency evacuation, special activities such as sailing lessons, flying lessons, equestrian lessons, and any other costs not associated with daily school activities or the school’s mission.

Guarantee and Damage Deposit: A refundable deposit of US$500 is required upon initial admission to cover payment of such costs as emergency medical services (ambulance service, out patient treatment, and the like) and to cover charges for damage assessments or lost books.

Pocket Money Deposit: A deposit of US$1,000 for pocket money is required to consume snacks and drinks in between meals, purchase uniforms, and is used to replace lost, damaged, or worn-out personal items. Each student’s account is managed by the school. Statements may be sent home upon request, and the account may need to be replenished depending on the student’s use.

Student Insurance: It is imperative that all boarders come with their own private medical and dental coverage. Proof of coverage must be submitted before the start of classes. The parent or guardian must sign a contract which grants the school the right to act in ‘loco parentis’ in the case of a medical emergency.

To enroll or for more details, please e-mail us using our Contact page.