Costa Rica Science Adventure High School 1 Week trips

HSBAcademy Nosara’s week-long Costa Rica Science High School Adventure Camps are taught by U.S. certified teachers and operated independently by Costa Rica Science Adventures. These experientially-based educational adventures expose students to the diverse wildlife and natural environment of the jungles and beaches of Nosara, Costa Rica, while giving them the opportunity to give back to the local communities and the people who live here.

The program provides a strong foundation in environmental sciences and builds on classroom-based learning with hands-on field work. Our goal is to impart students with a deep and lasting understanding of the natural world, and to inspire them to find ways preserve it. The camps are held at the HSBAcademy facility and surrounding areas, and draw upon HSBAcademy’s certified teaching staff, resources and technology.

For more information, visit the Costa Rica Science Adventures website here.


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